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sologdin nobody puts balthalmel in the corner, yo.

Emma Deplores Goodreads Censorship I've always been very skeptical of those people who claim that the most bloated WOT books are better on re-read and when read one right after another. And I suspect they get to make this argument because people who don't love the series beyond the bounds of reason don't tend to re-read the entire thing, let alone at one go.... But you are proving them wrong!

message 3: by Tamara (new)

Tamara There's some good stuff in the Salidar plotline, and I think Nynaeve healing Logain is in this one? Then again, I think Siuan doing laundry for whatshisface is also in this one.

I always really liked Taim, for some reason, even when I was reading this when I was 12.

message 4: by Matt (new)

Matt Brady Yep, Logain is Healed in this one, and "escapes". I liked Egwene manipulating all the factions to get them to do what she wanted, and now that Moiraine is gone she's probably my favourite POV character, but the Gawyn stuff put a bad taste in my mouth. He's one of those characters (and there's quite a few in WOT) who constantly makes the wrong assumptions for plot purposes, and the romance with Egwene feels forced, like Jordan thought he had to give her a boyfriend.

message 5: by Emil (new)

Emil Söderman I never got the hate for Gawyn. I mean, I didn't like him or anything, he was just a nonentity.

"” (I don’t want to call it that because it isn’t a love triangle - Perrin shows absolutely zero interest in Berelain whatsoever)"

Well, that still makes it a love triangel, Type 4 according to the TVtropes article :P

message 6: by Matt (new)

Matt Brady I liked Gawyn ok before this, when he was just a light-hearted guy who'd grown up in the shadow of his siblings. But he's so grim and dour here, and he turns Egwene into an idiot briefly, and furthermore he just comes across as dumb. Part of it is plot enforced, granted, but still. The character has no good reason to remain with Elaida's faction after finding Egwene safe and sound AND hearing that Elayne is likewise safe and sound. He also claims that ALL the rumours have Rand murdering his mum, which seems terribly unlikely to me given that Morgase clearly disapeared from view months before Rand took Caemlyn. I'm sure *some* rumours say it, but all? Secondly, Morgase isn't in hiding. She's quite openly living as a "guest" in Amador. Word of that would spread pretty damn quickly. You'd think the Whitecloaks themselves would be spreading the word their own selves. Instead, word reaches the other characters only as a really vague rumour that they immediately dismiss because it makes no sense - which in turn only serves to illustrate Morgase's weird choice in going there in the first place.

God, House Trakand. I just hate that whole family, I think. They're all just kinda stupid. I'm wondering now if Gareth Bryne wasn't the real power behind the throne.

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