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message 1: by Cassy (new)

Cassy The Kingkiller Chronicles are not about the main storyline...The book is about how a man becomes a legend.

An interesting perspective! I am definitely one of the impatient readers.

message 2: by Tyson (new)

Tyson I'm a little impatient too, but delayed gratification can be a good thing. I don't think this book would be so haunting and memorable if it drove straight to the conclusion with a single-mindedness.

message 3: by Alicia (new)

Alicia It's like reviewing a sunset after a spring storm.


My sister-in-law gave up on The Name of the Wind after six chapters. I've been trying to explain to her why she should keep reading, and I just can't seem to get my words to appropriately describe why these books are so awesome.

message 4: by Tyson (new)

Tyson Yes, it's hard to understand some people. I can only imagine that they're letting their expectations about what a story should be get in the way of their enjoying Kvothe's story.

message 5: by Cassy (new)

Cassy Delayed gratification can be a good thing.

I agree and I do enjoy the meandering storytelling. But what are you expecting as gratification at the end? If the Chandrian issue is not solved (or at least, directly addressed), would you be satisfied? If Bast's motivations are never better understood? If the story doesn't catch up to the present-day frame? I am just curious!

message 6: by Tyson (new)

Tyson Oh, no. I need the Chandrian story to be solved in the end. I would not be happy if it wasn't, and I don't think Pat will do that to us. I'm just not in such a hurry to get there. I'm enjoying watching the scenery with Kvothe. As for Bast, I do hope the next book sheds light on their relationship. What did Kvothe do to earn such loyalty from someone so powerful? But again, I don't need it spelled out for me, as long as it's hit on by the end. If I just want a fast paced story, there are plenty of those out there. I enjoy this series because it's more than just a plot and some interesting characters.

message 7: by Alicia (new)

Alicia I too am really looking forward to learning why Bast is apparently so dedicated to Kvothe!

message 8: by Matt (new)

Matt Great review man, i was trying to get the same point across in mine. Its not about where Kvothe ends up right now, its about his journey, and how his legendary character takes shape. I'm glad someone else appreciated the story for the same reasons i do

message 9: by Tyson (new)

Tyson Pat has always maintained that he was doing something a little different with this series. Of course, many authors say that, but in Pat's case it's actually true.

message 10: by Danielle (new)

Danielle I loved this review. When I first read your point I had a feeling of epiphany, then realised, I had already understood everything you were saying whilst reading, you only helped me to notice it. While I am impatient for the final installment I can imagine that to round off a story like this and tie up all the loose ends (which I sincerely hope will happen) will take a while. I am not going to be the one to rush greatness. An instant classic and I think your review puts into words what others have desperately been trying to say. Thank you.

message 11: by Tyson (new)

Tyson Thanks Danielle!

message 12: by Amildelacruz (new)

Amildelacruz Great comments Tyson

message 13: by Sky (new)

Sky Great great review!

message 14: by Eric (last edited Aug 02, 2012 05:59PM) (new)

Eric Allen It looks like you enjoyed the book for the exact reasons that I didn't. Still, the world would be a boring place indeed without contrasting opinions. This is well written and brings up some very good points for those who didn't like the book to think on. I will agree that the book was beautifully written, though, if I didn't like much else about it. Good job =)

message 15: by Tyson (new)

Tyson Thanks. And all books shouldn't be written with all readers in mind.

message 16: by Littlemisstake (new)

Littlemisstake While I have no words at all, you have summed up very eloquently why I loved this book.

message 17: by Abinormal (new)

Abinormal Funny! I was one of those people who gave up around chapter six. I gave it another chance after my husband begged me. I remember being confused by the time jumping and the "name changing" of the first character. I thought the author was being confusing just for the sake of being confusing (thinking complexity). Anyway, I was wrong! This book has changed my life. *understatement*

message 18: by João (new)

João Marcelo Said it all. Actually i am considering a second trip to the first and second volumes while the third one is on the oven :).

message 19: by Tyson (new)

Tyson Definitely. I'll reread both before book 3 comes out. I'm already forgetting details.

message 20: by Aaron (new)

Aaron Well said.

I really like the idea that PR is talking to the audience when explaining that the story was one not meant for the public, but to be told among my people.

message 21: by James (new)

James Seward Agree 100% Such a rich and diverse world you cant help but loose yourself in. Love the Adem warriors the most.

message 22: by Sandi (new)

Sandi "This book is about how a man becomes a legend". You nailed it! Illustrated when they create The Chronicler 'legend'. There is such a rich meta-comment about what makes truth vs narrative. Loved this book!

message 24: by Michael (new)

Michael Grills Good review. I forgot that the pint is how a man becomes a legend. I think it's about philosophy as well.

message 25: by Adam (new)

Adam I agree with you on the purpose of the story. So many people miss the point. I, personally want a slow burn. Screw 3 books, I want 4-5. Build the legend organically and also give time for the seven.

We'll see what happens I guess...

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