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message 1: by Susan (new)

Susan Beuerlein I would give $1,000 to have not seen the movie (or read the book). Can't separate the two at this point, but the book was absorbing, while the movie sent me off into a tailspin!

message 2: by Lyn (new)

Lyn I think the movie was, and still is, the creepiest, scariest ever. I am not an afficianado of that genre, and usually stay away, but I remember that one and it was bad. Book was great

message 3: by Wayne (new)

Wayne Barrett The Exorcist was the first 'adult' novel I ever read. It scared the hell out of me but it also opened doors in my mind and filled me with an even greater love for reading than I already had. Because of this, it will always be in my top 10 books read.

message 4: by Linda (new)

Linda Rowland I remember being confident going to the movie thinking that they cannot show "that" and then horrified that they DID. Only the original Poltergeist comes close.

message 5: by Monica (new)

Monica Just a 'like' for your rating:). It is on my shelf at home. I found it in a second hand book store one month ago, so that's why i didn't read your review, never do this before reading a book which i always want to read!

message 6: by Rory (new)

Rory I absolutely loved reading this, to me this did to demon posessions what Dracula did for vampires.

I first started this when I was at a wedding party (prompting two nice girls to come and talk to me about reading and other general things so that was interesting). then once I started again the next day I read all 370+ pages in about a day and a half, it was so good.

Arguably the movie is creepier but that isn't to say the book isn't either.

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