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message 1: by Dale (new)

Dale Pearl I am bummed. I was so looking to add this to my reading list for August. I have an ebook version of this. Maybe I'll just speed read it?

Faye, la Patata :S Good luck!

message 3: by Jessie (new)

Jessie What what what?! Is the first book good though? I just bought it and I hope it wouldn't turn out to be a 2 star book...

Faye, la Patata The first book was good, the second book was an absolute filler and accomplished nothing. And oh, it's full of SEX.

message 5: by Mary (new)

Mary Really, the third book is ridiculously far away from being done, and I can already tell you to skip The Wise Man's Fear. What wasn't filler was sex and a retelling of the first book.

Faye, la Patata I know! It only gave us the assurance that at least most of the rumors of Kvothe were true, that he became just a little more perfect, that he was poor, then was rich, and he's now a god in sex... LOLOL

message 7: by Dale (new)

Dale Pearl Faye is crazy awesome so I'm gonna skip this book for now. I'll put it on hold and maybe even add it to my never never stack. Not sure why some authors fill the need to use "filler" like they do, well aside from money for word count. George Martin started this more recent trend with Game of Thrones, and he is the master of filler to the point of making you fall in a love with a character and just as soon as you think you know what is going to happen he kills them off. At least Patrick Rothfuss spares us that indignant process. Rothfuss is trying to give us a superhero character but based upon the world in which he has created Kouthe is becoming unbelievable. He is poor as crap but has these amazing abilities and knows everything there is to know and he can't figure out a way to make money to buy paper? He can cause people to burst into flames by staring at them, play the guitar better than Eric Clapton, sing like an Angel, out sex a sex fairy and he can't pimp out money for paper? Yeah, I"m not buying it.

message 8: by Dale (new)

Dale Pearl What frustrates me the most is that this book is rated 4.53 and clearly it is effed up!!!

Faye, la Patata Yeah, it's really sad. I'm still interested in reading the next book only because there are still SO many loose ends! Like Denna's patron, the Chandrian, why he's hiding in his inn, did he really kill a king, etc. etc... sigh :|

message 10: by Dale (new)

Dale Pearl I keep hoping that they add me to be a librarian so I can update some of the author details. But you librarians should also address the prevention of rating books before they are even released. I think that has overly inflated the review on this book too. I loved the review you sent me too Faye the guy who just tore this book apart with the pictures of John Cera.

message 11: by Faye, la Patata (new)

Faye, la Patata Well, we can't stop that because there are a lot of ARCs and early copies sent to give pre-publication buzz, so rating books before they are released is pretty justified imho

message 12: by Katia (new)

Katia This is exactly what I think about this book, I hope the third book can fix all the mess

message 13: by Faye, la Patata (new)

Faye, la Patata I hope the third book actually crams everything together :| THERE ARE STILL SO MANY MYSTERIES AND LOOSE ENDS!!!

message 14: by Will (new)

Will M. I'm just raveled that you liked the first book so much. Should I skip this? I didn't like the first one that much. Great review btw :)

message 15: by Faye, la Patata (new)

Faye, la Patata The first book is absolutely amazing. It's like, really really amazing. Sanderson-level amazing. I'm not sure what happened here :(

message 16: by Shon M (new)

Shon M I gave it a 4 star simply because of the writing but I agree the filler was too much to bear tbh

message 17: by Choko (new)

Choko Haven't read the book, but a very cool review!!!

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