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Jennifer☠Pher☠ Yeah!!

Christie«SHBBblogger» ★Jennifer★ aka PHER wrote: "Yeah!!"

Haha! I took a gamble and was pleasantly surprised.
(Usually I am a pissed kind of, WHAT?! That can't be the ending!!) I thought it was very good. I had a couple issues with it, but I loved how she wrapped it up in the end. It explained the heroine's behavior that I had an issue with and made it more acceptable. Overall, I was happy with it. :) Are you enjoying your Nora Roberts?

Jennifer☠Pher☠ I am so glad it worked out for you. Very nice since you were even dreaming about it, lol!

I am. I am back and forth on whether I want to finish the Trilogy now or come back to it but I think if I don't finish it now I won't.

Christie«SHBBblogger» I know exactly what you mean. It's pretty hard to read a whole series back to back when there are so many new books out there tempting us. :)

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Autumn Doughton so sick of cliffhangers!

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KatLynne Glad to know there are no cliffies! Looking forward to your review, Christie.

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