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James Just finished this and I really dig your Pynchon reviews. I'm still pretty excited to (eventually) read Against the Day, though as someone who also found Prairie the most relatable character (Zoyd too in a weird down-on-yer-luck-who-hasn't-been-there way too, and, fuck, even Vato and Blood had a touching vulnerability... god, this book rules) , and enjoyed this novel's 'humanness', probably moreso than TCoL49, perhaps I'll also feel like you did.

I guess that Japanese accent you mention in ATD is a repeating tic... Takeshi talks - - like that! I thought it kinda made for an entertaining character and maybe played into like the bad-TV or B-movie vibe of the book (like a stereotype you might see in one of those contexts) but maybe that's just how he writes Japanese accents. Does he also accent the I's for every Spanish-accented character as with Hector? That I thought was a neat way to sort of force you to subvocalize that way of speaking; never seen that done before.

Also, there's definitely rectal fear going on in Vineland, so I guess that's a pattern too. I distinctly remember, maybe in reference to Brock Vond, a bolt of said fear going "straight up [his] asshole".

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