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message 1: by Chris (new)

Chris A high school teacher in Arizona was just suspended for teaching this play when a group of parents complained about smut and pornography and "beastiality" being taught to their kids. A television station asked people what they thought should happen to the teacher, and the comments were almost uniformly along the lines of fire the teacher, we don't want our taxes spent on this kind of depravity, no porn in the schools! I think the teacher was reinstated eventually, but from now on the principal of the school will oversee the book choices for the students so that the students aren't exposed to anything too strong for their minds to take.

I intend to read the play when I can. In the meantime, I was wondering if you or someone else who has actually read it could tell me if the play really could be a bad influence or a poor choice for older high school students.

Thanks for your thoughtful review.

message 2: by Quinn (new)

Quinn Tule Hi Chris,

Thanks for reading my review. I don't think that the play would be a bad influence for kids but it would certainly be hard for parents to watch. If I remember correctly there's a lot of profanity and there is implied bestiality. It would be much easier to teach than perform for an audience. Obviously this book will not encourage students to fall in love with a goat but it is hard for some people to understand the value that a play like this could have so I don't agree with banning the play or the teacher but it certainly is hard to stomach in some parts.

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