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Nikki I really love this series I recently just found it and I'm obsessed the cover is a bit of a let down if I'm looks really bad.
Willow...... I loved her and hated her too.sometimes I wanted to scream at her other times I liked her it was 50\50.i really liked Alex I loved his character in the books .I loved it from his perspective in the first two books particularly the 2nd one.but in the 3rd book I just hated him for most of it.seb is just the person who I kinda skipped half the time I never really liked him.the last one is shorter than the rest of the series wich is a bit weird isn't the last one usually the longest one in the series?
Overall I liked the series the 2nd one is the best in my opinion.but maybe that's just me. But it's a really good read.

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