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message 1: by SheReadsALot (new)

SheReadsALot Great review, Crystal

message 2: by Dora (new)

Dora Esquivel Please help me find
this book, six months I have been looking please help...

message 3: by Dora (new)

Dora Esquivel That would be great, I really want to read it...Thank you so much :-)

Why so many complaints, it looks like a great book:-)

Again many Thanks,

message 4: by Crystal (new)

Crystal The last time I talked to her, Kayla told me that she had to pull her books off Amazon because she was getting too many refunds. I still have her email address. I can send her a message and ask if her book is available anywhere. Let me know. :)

message 5: by Crystal (new)

Crystal Sorry Dora. I accidently deleted me previous reply. WHOOPS! I'll send her an email for you.

I don't know why she was getting so many complaints and refunds. I really enjoyed the book and was hoping to continue with her other books.

message 6: by Dora (new)

Dora Esquivel They sound really good, I want to read al of them, but "Locked in torture" first...


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