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message 1: by Nasim (new)

Nasim Shademan Hi
actually...i didn't get the message of the book...would you please explain it for me in just some few lines?please?

message 2: by Jarisa (new)

Jarisa Rushdie is a master storyteller! It's funny how you mentioned Neil Gaiman because he as well constructs his stories and worlds just beautifully!

message 3: by Nageen (new)

Nageen lol, you are recommending it for Neil Gaiman and magical realism fans. As a huge one, I detest this piece of boring and c**ppy literature. With all respect to your opinion on it of course.

message 4: by Brendan (new)

Brendan Monroe And have you read this book, Nageen?

message 5: by Nageen (new)

Nageen Brendan wrote: "And have you read this book, Nageen?" Yes

message 6: by Nageen (new)

Nageen Nageen wrote: "Brendan wrote: "And have you read this book, Nageen?" Yes"

Like I said, no offense to anybody's opinion, just gently disagreeing. Nothing to do with the religious controversy behind it..

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