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message 1: by Judy (new)

Judy Gaeta your family is something. I'm telling you, if you don't write that book about your family and travels, I'm warning you, I will!! :-) What a heritage to have Underground Railroad documents. So cool!

message 2: by Dem (new)

Dem I have been in two minds about this book for awhile, but wanted to read it because have read a couple of books on the underground railway and found them so interesting but your disapointment in the story has my mind made up. Thanks for your review Judy.

message 3: by Judy (new)

Judy Thanks Dem. :-)

I'm curious, too, what books you have read, Dem.

Gaeta, actually I have talked a lot with my parents about their histories and family history. One of my Aunts put together a family history of my Dad's side of the family from the time the first Graff crossed the ocean to the New World.

message 4: by Judy (new)

Judy Ooo...It would be interesting to know the story behind that, or maybe not...

message 5: by Judy (last edited Feb 24, 2013 02:01PM) (new)

Judy Nah. Maybe I don't want to know....

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