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message 1: by Jess (new)

Jess Touché!

message 2: by Kaleo (new)

Kaleo Brandt In that case, could you please suggest a better book?

message 3: by Kelli Jenkins (new)

Kelli Jenkins I wish more people would be this realistic about rating this book!

message 4: by Joe (new)

Joe It is quite ironic.

message 5: by Bonnie (new)

Bonnie Blake So true. It is poorly designed and hard to get past the fact that the design doesn't reflect the innovative content. I wonder if Norman ever saw a physical copy of the book?

message 6: by Yayane (new)

Yayane Exactly what I thought too. It was at times even painful to read as there were so many repetitions. Though the subject nonetheless is interesting.

message 7: by Sahil (new)

Sahil Hingorani I wholeheartedly agree with you. The book is unnecessarily verbose. Sometimes I just want to stop reading it. I hope the lessons are worth it when I reach the end.

message 8: by Nenad (new)

Nenad Nikolić Very fair review. I did not even manage to go past half of the book. Very frustrating experience, since there is real knowledge inside but inaccessible to my brain. At one point I thought my Kindle malfunctioned because one chapter title kept repeating for the third time...

message 9: by Gourav (new)

Gourav Sengupta did you read the latest or the old edition? The new edition is absolutely brilliant, cannot quite understand where found it worse. Also what according to you then is a better book?

message 10: by Sierra (new)

Sierra I'm not sure I understand exactly what you're claiming is wrong with this book. I really enjoyed it - but I'm admittedly very new to design.

message 11: by Coral (new)

Coral Brevig I was also distracted by the poor design of the book itself. I have a paperback copy of the Revised & Expanded Edition. I feel like Don should have pushed back on his publishing company and told them to read his book to learn a few things about usability.

message 12: by Kyle (new)

Kyle Bollinger I agree, his 2013 remake of the same title is readable.

message 13: by Whiskyfake (new)

Whiskyfake Kyle wrote: "I agree, his 2013 remake of the same title is readable."
Well wish I knew about this "remake" before I've finished that 40 years old book :D.

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