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Spider the Doof Warrior Such a true review.
And don't get me started on just about every character going on and on about marriage and babies! *pulls out hair*

message 2: by Kemper (new)

Kemper Synesthesia wrote: "Such a true review.
And don't get me started on just about every character going on and on about marriage and babies! *pulls out hair*"

Don't know if you read them but the Shadow books involving Bean and Petra are even worse about going on and one about how they have to have kids even though Bean's genes are all jacked up. Logic isn't even a factor with OSC these days. *sigh*

Spider the Doof Warrior I know. that drove me crazy. Plus he had this gay guy going on and on about having babies even if you're gay and getting married.
Man, it was annoying. Plus Bean had a misery disease too. ><

Rachel Caroline Deacons Just ordered the first four ender books from ebay and after this I'm worried about whether or not I'll like them! :S

Spider the Doof Warrior Don't read them unless you like being nagged about marriage and babies.

Rachel Caroline Deacons Is that not just in the later books? I heard that the first four were really good! And no I really don't like the idea of being nagged about marriage and babies! Oh no...maybe the money I spent on getting them is something I will live to regret :/

Spider the Doof Warrior It's mostly in book 2 and then after that it just goes down hill. Marriage, babies, nag nag nag. It's a wonder all the characters are not standing on a hill looking up at the reader saying "Get married and have babies!"

He might as well have that "One by one each character climbed up the hill and looked up into the sky and said at the same time, "Reader, get married HETEROSEXUALLY and have BABIES RIGHT NOW!"

Rachel Caroline Deacons Oh...I so love it when authors force their beliefs down the readers throat in a subtle manner XD guess I'll just read them and find out! I'm just delving into some sci-fi atm and heard they were a good place to start :)

Spider the Doof Warrior Octavia Butler is better and more subtle anyway. Like she doesn't have characters LECTURE as much. Maybe in that one book perhaps?

message 10: by Rachel Caroline (new)

Rachel Caroline Deacons I'll check her out :) thanks for the recommendation! Just trying out some new genres atm, getting tired of the fantasy trope that they keep piling out into stores. Thanks again :) think I'll still read the Ender's books when they come through my door...will be a waste of fifteen quid otherwise!

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spikeINflorida C'mon guys...Speaker was an excellent book.

Spider the Doof Warrior When a simple question can solve the whole conflict of the book and no one asks it, there's a problem.

Elias Quincy Kradel (Yes, I am related to John Quincy Adams.) That's not entirely true, Kemper. You see, Ender is shocked when he finds the Giant. He refuses to kill Bean and Petra's son even when he's killing Ender. Ender also must deal with the captain of the ship who is unfair and overly strict and cruel. You call that useless and boring?!

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