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message 1: by Jenin (new)

Jenin Where did you get this book?

message 2: by Dayla (new)

Dayla I got it from NetGalley, I received it in exchange for an honest review!

message 3: by Jenin (new)

Jenin ok, thanks. I hope you enjoy this book :)

message 4: by Dayla (new)

Dayla I hope so, too! Thanks :)

message 5: by Gabie (new)

Gabie (OwlEyesReviews) I can't tell if that is good or bad. haha

message 6: by Dayla (new)

Dayla Kind of bad. The book is good and definitely has me intrigued, but it's one of those, "Ugh, author, you're really going to pull this with the characters?" kind of comments lol if that makes any sense?

message 7: by Gabie (new)

Gabie (OwlEyesReviews) That's makes sense. I felt like that a little bit too.

message 8: by Gabie (new)

Gabie (OwlEyesReviews) That was quick!

message 9: by Dayla (new)

Dayla Haha yeah, I'm a bit of a fast reader sometimes :P

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