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Lauren We have very similar thoughts about this one. MLND is a better fit for me, and I agree, one I'd re-read more often. But this does have a maturity in it, and I can understand why Gwen's story has resonated with so many. It was definitely slow, though, for the first half, before "what happened" came out. I felt like we were stuck in the past until then. I love Cass and I felt so much for Gwen too. I love their awkward conversations and the way that they fight for honesty with each other.

But I agree (view spoiler)

Danielle (Love at First Page) I was worried I wouldn't like Gwen - not sure why exactly, maybe just some of the things I was hearing about the book ahead of time - but she's really great. I loved her narration, and how she always rambled, and how she was willing to listen to Cass even when things looked really bad (for a minute there I was extremely nervous about how he would explain what happened).

(view spoiler)

But I loved Gwen and Cass' romance; I think it's great (view spoiler) Now I'm just counting down the days until Tim's story!

Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies I didn't like MLND much, but loved this book.

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Danielle (Love at First Page) (view spoiler)

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