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message 1: by Bikas (new)

Bikas nayak this is the best review of this stupid book i have seen on this site.you nailed it.

message 2: by Rajat (new)

Rajat TWIT Finally some support! Thanks a lot Bikas, else i was forced to think that it's only me who hated this stupid-cum-idiotic book!!

message 3: by Aditi (new)

Aditi Well said! To the point

message 4: by Wv (new)

Wv Well said son, unfortunately such authors are set to proliferate in the near future.

message 5: by Richa (new)

Richa Totally agree

message 6: by Abhishek (new)

Abhishek Bansal gangasagar part is hopeless.He has made chanakya a southindian actor.

message 7: by Surender (new)

Surender Negi I agree I am on page 330, and its seems like chankya is some crook of dhanbaad coal mine and gangasagar is reason of all political mess in UP. I wish no politician adopt such method after reading this.

message 8: by Rutujaa (new)

Rutujaa A I can't believe such language is used in this book let alone Chanakya using it..won't bother now reading this..

message 9: by Sakthi (new)

Sakthi Allagoo Oh dear! I just bought it after a huge hunt 😢

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