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message 1: by Lee (new)

Lee Coleman awesome review. i am very impatient with martyrs and those who adore them. people who dedicate themselves to causes and strangers, at the expense of their spouse and children, are "stepping over the Jesus in the kitchen in order to get to the Jesus in the street". and the fact that the author of a poorly edited book is in fact an editor himself is pretty interesting. i enjoy your reviews so much because i think we have a similar perspective with reading. not only do i read a story at face value, but i am always mindful of the writing style and of the overall insight on human nature/behavior. i would have loved to hear the author reconcile a range of observations and insights about his mother and their relationship over the years. after the months of reading and discussing books, i should hope the author would better understand the good AND bad qualities of his mother, that they would have at least a few good disagreements, and i find it sad as well that the dad didn't join in.

message 2: by Linda (new)

Linda The book was not about getting to know the real her, it was about the time they spent together at the end of her life.

message 3: by Phyllis (new)

Phyllis Courtney You both missed the point of the book. This was Will's memoir of his beloved mom. He would not even try to tell the father's memoir of his wife; it was the father's to tell. Will was reporting what their life was like with a mom like Mary Anne. He loved her and accepted her. She was quite tough and stoic. I really believed he wrote about her struggles with death, her aches and illness. You had to read between the lines. Describing her reaction to the illness was not his purpose. Giving her tribute was.

message 4: by Megan (new)

Megan The description of the book clearly shows it is about her, her illness and death, and their relationship and book club. Dad is mentioned enough, I don't think he needed to go into every lasy detail of her life. And she definitely had negative emotions and it was obvious she was very sick--he mentioned her symptoms over and over. And you seem to have issue with her choices while ill- fighting to build the library, attending parties. What would you do if you were dying and knew it? Stay shut in and abide by every doctor's order. Maybe sometimes, but also most people would try to live what they had left of life. And why as readers can we not believe that overall Mary Anne was a pretty great person? What kind of son would want to bring up all her bad points and crappy fights after she's died? To me he wrote in a respectful but realistic way. She dealt with being sick the way she wanted, I don't think there is a right or wrong to deal with dying. And finally, I think she seemed to split her time between family and causes quite well. Just my two cents. I was just suprised at this review, I felt as if I hadn't even read the same book!

message 5: by Birgit (new)

Birgit I'm two thirds of the way through this book and I'm struggling. I thought I would read a few more reviews on this book and came up with yours. I wish had read it before I bought the book, because I don't think I would have. There were initially so many good reviews i thought i would give it a go and initially it was quite good but I totally agree with everything you have said.

message 6: by Cole (new)

Cole Chamberlain I totally agree Nicole

message 7: by Linda (new)

Linda I disagree. I think the author had the opportunity to get to know his mother more intimately - as an individual and not just a mother - I think it opened his eyes to the heart and soul of his mother.

message 8: by LJ (new)

LJ The turtle incident! So thoughtless of a child's true feelings. She overlooks her own children in prefernce for the disadvantaged. At least she told him the truth there when he asks her why. She didn't put any thought into it.

message 9: by Nancy (new)

Nancy I personally found it a meaningful and beautiful book.

message 10: by Amy (new)

Amy I loved this book and the way it offered insight into a son's relationship with his mother, their separate memories and interactions, and the conversations they shared. I am listening to the author read it a second time, grateful for the way he loved his mama well.

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