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message 1: by *Dee's books! (new)

*Dee's books! One of the best books I've read this year!

The Charmer: Lets Talk About Books I feel the same Cricket. She's so good.

message 3: by *Dee's books! (new)

*Dee's books! just read "Stranded" and love it too

The Charmer: Lets Talk About Books I didn't love Stranded but I liked it.

message 5: by *Dee's books! (new)

*Dee's books! understood Charmer

message 6: by Nazarene (new)

Nazarene Static I was scrolling through your Goodreads page, because you left me a message and I apparently never noticed it? Sooooo this is not creepy at all, I loved this book so much! I have been looking for more like it ever since! I did NOT know there was an audiobook version...but NOOOWWW I have to get it. Have you listened to it since then? How was it?

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