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message 1: by Richard (new)

Richard Do you do different voices for the characters?

message 2: by Clouds (new)

Clouds Yes, of course! Although I've not quite figured out the proper voice for Piglet or Rabbit yet :-)

message 3: by Richard (new)

Richard Tigger turns up in the second book, The House at Pooh Corner. It would be fun to hear you do Tigger's voice, and watch you bounce!

I'm sure Piglet and Rabbit will come in time.

Sometimes when you re-discover childhood classics, there are surprises along the way, such as comments directed at a more adult audience which you didn't quite get when you were a child.

message 4: by Clouds (new)

Clouds I think I've got a handle on piglet with a sort of nervy, excitable, breathless thing - but Rabbit is pretty cocky - maybe a sort of posh Eton-schoolboy voice might work... hmmm... shall have to ponder :-)

message 5: by Manny (last edited Dec 24, 2012 11:56AM) (new)

Manny You are right and your wife is wrong. You may want to point out to her that it has now been scientifically proven that Winnie-the-Pooh is the greatest book of all time. Enid Blyton didn't even make the cut.

Merry Christmas!

message 6: by Traveller (last edited Dec 25, 2012 05:42AM) (new)

Traveller So cute! Merry Xmas!

I remember we used to eat with Beatrix Potter cups and plates and bowls when we were eeny teeny toddlers, - i adored those pictures!

message 7: by Tracey (new)

Tracey I have a hard time separating John Fiedler's voice from Piglet - he nailed it. Whereas in the audiobook I started to listen to the reader kept giving little snorts all through Piglet's dialogue - because, you know, piglet. I think that was my first return to Audible.

Love this review, Clouds - can't wait till you get to House at Pooh Corner!

message 8: by Derek (new)

Derek "A man cannot live on award winning Sci-Fi alone!

Following the resounding success of my Locust Quest..."

But a man CAN live on Locusts alone, for at least 40 days... I think you meant "Locus" :)

Traveller: my wife still has a couple of Beatrix Potter saucers - there might even still be a chipped tea-pot, though I haven't seen it for a long while.

message 9: by Clouds (new)

Clouds Sharp eyes, Derek - thanks!

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