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message 1: by Moira (new)

Moira Russell I remember her very clearly: she was British, a contralto. A gentle delivery, but with a lot of life for the children, particularly Barney, and even more gravitas for Gumerry. She read this book to me a good twenty times between the ages of eight and thirteen, and she was all that is right and proper.


Yeah, it looks like Alex Jennings is the reader for all the CDs? Maybe that's what they're using now....

message 2: by ambyr (new)

ambyr Greenwitch is in process; I don't know what's holding it up, but I can find out if you want. Or, as you say, there's the dark corners of the Internet.

message 3: by Lightreads (new)

Lightreads Moira, no, the NLS does in-house productions. I actually swapped them out for the Jennings (which is a commercial production from Random House) and I like them quite a bit. Much more proper, even if he isn't my narrator.

Ambyr, ha, thanks, I got hold of the whole set in commercial audio. About time I had it for keeps anyway. Of course now that I know you have your ways, I will totally hit you up in future, I hope you know.

message 4: by ambyr (new)

ambyr Hah. I am happy to use my powers for good, such as they are. Sadly, they do not extend to actually making anything happen faster.

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