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message 1: by Lacy (new)

Lacy This book is next on my list! I'm somewhat of a JB groupie...can't wait to read and discuss with you!!

message 2: by Brent (new)

Brent It's a really quick read. You'd probably finish in a day. I got it as an ebook for $10.

message 3: by Joy (new)

Joy I really disagree with the following paragraph:
"I got the feeling that Joanna remains a Mormon more so out of devotion to her heritage than to her Savior. But maybe explaining what she believes about Jesus Christ wasn't really within the scope of her book, so I can forgive her for not including her testimony. (Although putting that in the book would have been nice, too.) I understand she's telling a story, and sometimes it's just too hard to wedge some parts of our life into that narrative."

If you just spend a half hour reading Joanna's blog, you'll realize that she does have a strong testimony that isn't just based on her heritage. There are strong reasons that she stays and does what she does out of love for the Savior. I did find the book itself shallow, but I have a feeling that the new version of the book just might address the weaknesses that I saw in the book.

message 4: by Brent (new)

Brent So you disagree with my impression of Joanna's book. Okay...not much I can say in reply. She may have a strong testimony of and love for Jesus Christ, but that's what I take issue's not in the book! She briefly mentions understanding how God speaks to her, and that's it. For some reason she's glossing over what I think is one of the key aspects of being a Mormon: having a personal testimony that the gospel has been restored and that Jesus is the Christ.

Thank you for directing me to Joanna's blog. I hope to learn more about her there.

I'm pretty sure I read the new version, and it's still pretty shallow. (And I'd still love to hear why you thought it was shallow. Was it the tampons? Marie Osmond?)

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