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message 1: by Traveller (new)

Traveller Did you see the movie "Inglorious Basterds"? It contains the only scene of a human being being blown into bits that i ever witnessed where i actually found myself letting go of some burbling gleeful laughter while witnessing it ..and i'm not even ashamed of it...

message 2: by Dergrossest (new)

Dergrossest I loved that movie. While some believed that it trivialized the suffering of the Jews, I believe that the constant belittling of the Nazis by Hollywood serves as a sort of permanent life sentence of ridicule for the Master Race. I imagine that such ridicule would have hurt Hitler more than any corporal punishment could have.

message 3: by Traveller (new)

Traveller I would have made an entire movie myself just for the privilege of making a scene in which I have Adolf explode.
Actually, I thought that the tone of Inglorious Basterds is typical of Tarantino's style of adding over-the-top satire mixed to an over-the-top action romp..

message 4: by Cyriel (new)

Cyriel I totally agree with your review. The Dutch translation, however, is great. You should try it ;-)

message 5: by Mike (new)

Mike It is not like an old movie in B/W aside from watching a DVD re-issue of such, and listening to the director on a 2nd audio track explaining his narrative choices as he makes them. Although it has been exaggeratedly referred to as a "new form of novel" it is none-the-less fascinating.

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