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message 1: by J. (new)

J. Liked your review. I'm half way through the book and have had similar thoughts while reading it. like the comments of some the French moms about weight and work sounded resigned, not joyful.

message 2: by Atlasgirl (new)

Atlasgirl FANTASTIC REVIEW! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

message 3: by A. (new)

A. B If France has higher depression rates than the United States, or similar...why are we looking toward them for an example of how to raise children? X,D hahahaha.
Thanks for this review, I now know this isn't the book for me. I believe in attached parenting and unschooling and am against teaching children, (and new parents) to blindly follow what a society or tradition says is right. (Leaving innocent babies whose instinct is to cry when they have a need is not loving. Babies do not get spoiled by being held and being fed and sleeping when they need to. Babies are growing at incredible rates and need to be accommodated....hopefully people will do their own research on that and not just blindly follow the "cry it out" methods.)
It makes me sad women are treated that way in France...o la vache. At least they have beautiful language, beautiful food, and beautiful babies :-)

message 4: by Laura (new)

Laura I was just looking to see whether I should read this book but loved your review. I can see myself getting upset that the culture in France enables certain parenting behaviours to work over there which wouldn't work in North America even if we tried.

message 5: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie This is a spot on review. As I've been reading this book, I've been considering that part of the unity of French parenting is that the French enjoy a cultural unity that we Americans do not. Of course they can hand off babies to childcare centers with fewer misgivings if they trust that their values will still be taught to the child. Also, the chapter about how French marriages are happier because of all the "adult time" is pretty suspicious; the divorce rate in France is higher than it is here and it is highest in Paris. That being said, I appreciated the sleep chapter and the book has helped me release some mommy-guilt.

message 6: by Lubomir (new)

Lubomir Thank you for the review!

message 7: by Lubomir (new)

Lubomir Thank you for the review!

message 8: by Rita (new)

Rita Even though I don't think I will read it in the end (most of what I read about it didn't appeal to me and sounded like someone said here a "fetishization" of a culture, which I always find narrow-minded and patronizing not only towards the author's culture but the one he's studying), I really liked your insight. Maybe the fact I'm European myself adds to my lack of interest after learning what the line of thought described in the book is, but your reflexion about it was nonetheless very interesting to me. Thanks

message 9: by Arica (new)

Arica I agree with your comment " Imagine if everyone who came into contact with your children was going to reinforce the very same standards you were trying to teach them. " ..and wish this were true. Also I didn't take this book as critical to American parenting but instead as good parenting suggestions. Yes, my relatives have told me some of this same advise, but it is easier for me to take from a stranger than it is from my family. :)

message 10: by Leni (new)

Leni Maye Loved your review. Just logged on to review this book, but you have made all the points I had in my head, and so succintly and eloquently!

message 11: by Mignon (new)

Mignon Well said.

message 12: by Corlene (new)

Corlene Dorrington Thanks for this insightful review.

message 13: by Deniz (new)

Deniz Can Great review.

message 14: by Kate (new)

Kate Love your review!

message 15: by Meghan (new)

Meghan Lol! Sure I’ll get equally great advice from my relatives. My grandma’s advice would be “breast feeding is trashy. Use pablum” and “babies should be held in the car and not put in car seats.” My moms advice would be “there’s nothing wrong with eating McDonald’s every day” and “kids should watch as much tv as they want”

I’ll take parenting advice from a book any day!

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