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message 1: by Pam (new)

Pam Yes, my daughter said she didn't believe Agatha Christie really wrote it - that it sounds like a twopenny thriller. I agree.

message 2: by An Odd1 (new)

An Odd1 Pam wrote: "Yes, .. twopenny thriller"
No answer in quick zip to pages 30-32 I am working my way gradually through. In her autobiography she credits her brother-in-law, that he advised her to lump together some magazine serials to raise quick money when her hubbie Archie dumped her. Maybe part of that?

If she had been making fun of something specific, that I would believe.

message 3: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie It really seemed choppy and hard to follow, definitely one of my least favorites of hers. And disappointing because normally I can find part of a plot of something that I love about it...not this time.

message 4: by Alberto (new)

Alberto The Cerberus with the Countess was published in Labors of Hercules. An alternate version was unpublished.

message 5: by MrsER (new)

MrsER If you read John Buchan's Richard Richard Hannay stories, you will find much similarity in style. It was understandably the fashion to write that kind of story then. Other authors also used the same kind of subject then. If you read with this in mind, you will enjoy the book. Mrs. Christie was a wonderful writer, no matter what she wrote.

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