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message 1: by tee (new)

tee You've read a-berloody-lot of books haven't you. I'm just browsing goodreads and almost every book I've been interested in reading, you've read. Go, go Oriana!

message 2: by Oriana (new)

Oriana Haha, I swear Chai, you are too nice to me. But holy fuck, read Kelly Link. She is just stunning. I forget if you have a stomach for, um, fantastical realism? (I may have just made that term up.) But if so, she is the freaking tops.

message 3: by tee (new)

tee Fantastical realism, hrm, like Murakami? Toatlly up my alley, if so.

message 4: by tee (new)

tee Hah, how bizarre. I just looked up a book that I read in my childhood "Midnight Blue" by Pauline Fisk - I used to love it SO much. Anyway, I was reading the reviews and someone commented with, "This is the first Pauline Fisk book I was given as a child and I have remained hooked by her wonderful brand of fantastic-realism ever since."

Never heard of the term fantastic(al)-realism, but now know how to explain one of my favourite (genres?) of books. So there you go, I think I'm going to absolutely love Kelly Link because I LURVED anything like "Midnight Blue" as a kid and nothing's changed.

message 5: by Oriana (new)

Oriana Oh that is so damn cool! I've never heard of Pauline Fisk, should I read her now or would it be too late since I'm old?

I've also heard the genre referred to as "new-wave fabulism," which srsly smacks of pretension bordering on silliness to me.

message 6: by MJ (new)

MJ Nicholls "Pretty Monsters" has been eyeing me for ages. I'm not too keen on fantastical stories or the fantasy genre. But I can be converted.

message 7: by Oriana (new)

Oriana MJ, I say go for it, she's spectacular. Her stories are way more "fantastical" than "fantasy", and some of them aren't even that. Just purely wonderful writing.

message 8: by MJ (new)

MJ Nicholls OK, sold!

message 9: by Robin (new)

Robin How do you do it, Oriana? I've got a stack of To-Read books that is so tall I have to pole vault over it to get into bed, and now this! Another must-read!

message 10: by Oriana (new)

Oriana Sorry / you're welcome!! : )

message 11: by Richard (new)

Richard Bell You may find comparisons with the book "Life Seemed Good, But...." If you like short dark cartoon humor stories.

message 12: by Oriana (new)

Oriana Neat, thanks for the tip!

message 13: by Richard (new)

Richard Bell You are most welcome!

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