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message 1: by Don (new)

Don haven't you already read a tell tale heart?

message 2: by Chris (new)

Chris Oh, fo' sho. But this is a collection of Poe's stories (a few of which I haven't read)and poetry. I'll probably skip the poetry, as I've already read the best poem ever, which you wrote way back when. I'm still expecting a professional-grade copy to hang in my room.

If you've got a problem with me re-reading some Poe, come on over to the new place and we can rumble. :)

message 3: by Larry (new)

Larry Have to agree with the OP. Tell Tale Heart is a great story,and the author gets the creepiness in only a few pages(I just read it) but there are lots of EAP collections out there. On the other hand you might not want all the stories,poems and essays etc but just the most memorable,so this might be the ticket-I don't know. (I have The Penguin Complete Tales and Poems,an immense book!)

message 4: by Sara (new)

Sara Arthur Gordon Pym - Worst Ending Ever - I totally agree! (But then again, I haven't read the Stand.)

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