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message 1: by Benjamin (new)

Benjamin Azevedo ... and a misleading title.

message 2: by Rajanmithra.u (new)

Rajanmithra.u That was a funny yet genuine review xD !

message 3: by Jacob (new)

Jacob I don't miss being bored like I was as a kid, but I do think I would love to learn the enjoy the small things, like birdwatching. I used to not be able to sit down and read (partly digital stuff, partly figured out I had undiagnosed ADHD), but finally got myself out of that. I've always wanted to meditate, but always found it too hard to stop doing other things that were more exciting, even though I really need it for my anxiety.

message 4: by Teerth (new)

Teerth Brahmbhatt I agree with some of the critique here but I do think there is more to this book when taken in the context of the writer's background and goals. I found out about the book from an interview they did with ezra klein ( and it was pretty informative in terms of what the point of the books was , you might find the interview to be a useful supplement to your reading.

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