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message 1: by April (new)

April This review was good for my TBR ;-)

message 2: by Kimberly (new)

Kimberly Awesome review. I haven't read it yet but you make some excellent points. Thanks for sharing!sharing,

message 3: by Noémy (new)

Noémy I haven't made it past the first chapter yet...I actually like books about angels but I'm not sure I will enjoy that one, the whole destiny thing and the fact that she's caught between two guys (again!) is a bit overdone....

message 4: by Cecilia (new)

Cecilia Gray I had been wondering how angels roll....

message 5: by Diabolomenth (new)

Diabolomenth This was such a fun review.. esp. the part about the guy's hair. Needless to say, I'm staying clear of this book. Txs!

message 6: by Robert (new)

Robert Sylwery Great review. It's a pity I didn't read this before the traumatic experience of barely finishing this book. I almost smashed my kindle against a wall a couple of times.

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