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message 1: by Trish (new)

Trish Glad that this collection, too, was great! :)

message 2: by Bradley (new)

Bradley Quite! :) Often more down-to-earth, too. :)

message 3: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Curie Daaaayuuum, can't wait to read this

message 4: by Bradley (new)

Bradley Don't wait! :)

message 5: by Tal (new)

Tal M. Klein Agree, this was amazing!

message 6: by Bradley (new)

Bradley Glad I'm not alone!

message 7: by Steven (new)

Steven Thanks for sharing your take on each short. I didn’t get the digients’ appeal until I read your review.

message 8: by Bradley (new)

Bradley My pleasure!

message 9: by Cecily (new)

Cecily No complaints about this review, either! They're wonderful stories.

message 10: by Bradley (new)

Bradley :) Yep, yep!

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