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message 1: by Lyuba (new)

Lyuba Yeah... :( :( Sucks to be bloggers in this instance LOL! I'm anxiously waiting when they'll have The Mark of Athena on there, knowing that I won't be able to request it!!! :(

message 2: by Nasty Lady MJ (new)

Nasty Lady MJ Sigh, reading this one right now sort of having the same feelings you are. On one hand I'm glad she didn't decide to go all cheesy golden age like some of the other superhero novels I've read went. But still....

shady boots | #WatchPOSE Skyla (Happy Go Lucky and Lost in Books) wrote: "Read Hero by Perry Moore (I think it is Perry Moore) it is a gay superhero novel =)"

You had me at gay superhero.

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