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message 1: by Diane (new)

Diane Barnes Sounds good, it's been on my list. Nice to know you liked it so much. What a great first sentence!

message 2: by Wyndy (new)

Wyndy Thanks, Diane - save this one for August because it will definitely take you outside the heat and humidity of the South!

message 3: by Wyndy (new)

Wyndy Thank you, Marita. I found this novel highly uplifting, despite its sombre moments. What a beautifully written story.

message 4: by Jaline (new)

Jaline Wonderful review, Wyndy! I liked what you said about the journey within this novel. The journey is 98% of the enjoyment of a book for me . . . to the point where I (almost) don't care how it ends. (Although often I'm sad that it does because I want more! :)

message 5: by Paltia (new)

Paltia Great review. Love those books we can savor.

message 6: by Wyndy (new)

Wyndy I’ve enjoyed two father-son novels recently, ‘Medicine Walk’ and this one, both set in the far north. Both have been touching journeys with excellent writing and memorable characters. Jaline and Palitia, thank you for the kind words!

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