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message 1: by S Suzanne (new)

S Suzanne I also love the film adaptation of this. Love the shaky animation like a bad acid trip.

message 2: by Eddie (new)

Eddie Watkins Yes, it does represent, and even induce to a degree, an altered state of consciousness pretty well. I also think Keanu is perfect, especially his kind of dopey lost voice.

message 3: by S Suzanne (new)

S Suzanne The animation itself does get you into a state! And I do think this one of Keanu's best for sure. Also enjoy the rest of the cast.

message 4: by lisa_emily (new)

lisa_emily Never saw the movie, but maybe I will soon. I liked this PKD book quite well. My favourite line was about the cat- the cat that steals things and climbs the ceiling and is some other cat when the character is not there. I don't remember the line exactly, but I have it written somewhere. It's been awhile since I read this.

message 5: by Eddie (new)

Eddie Watkins I like nearly all Linklater's films, some very much so. I vaguely remember the cat line. PKD loved cats.

message 6: by S Suzanne (new)

S Suzanne Too bad y'all are not closer - I have a copy of that movie.

message 7: by Eddie (new)

Eddie Watkins Well, Lisa and I have shared things via mail (with L being way more generous than me...); but my dad has an enormous movie collection, so I can borrow his any time. But thanks, S!

message 8: by lisa_emily (new)

lisa_emily S wrote: "Too bad y'all are not closer - I have a copy of that movie."

Yes, tant pis- but I think one of my friends must have a copy.

I am ashamed to now realize and admit that the only Linklater movie I have seen is Slackers, from the '90s, which was a sort of anthem of our generation, I guess. A funny story though, I had a roommate move in while I was living in a flat in SF in '93, the guy told me he has in the Slackers movie, so I went to see it again and low & behold, there he was- the tv guy. I surprised though I have not seen ASD since I liked the book and despite most people's reservations, I am a fan of Keanu.

message 9: by Eddie (new)

Eddie Watkins That's funny about the TV guy. The way Linklater handled School of Rock bummed me out a bit, as he ripped the idea off from an actual school of rock here in Philly, and as far as I know he never gave the dude who started it any credit, but I think he makes very engaging films in an easygoing way. I even like the ones that feel kind of generic, like Bernie and The Newton Boys. My favorite is probably Dazed & Confused, though A Scanner Darkly is up there too.

message 10: by S Suzanne (new)

S Suzanne When we first screened Slacker at my college, a girl stood up and pointed out who she had known. I think it's such a Gen X film that everyone in the gen. knows someone 2 removed from it!

Scanner Darkly is one of my faves - also love Before Sundown/Sunset, etc. Those a beautiful. A new one is coming out - Before Midnight.

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