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message 1: by Marialyce (new)

Marialyce So happy you liked this charming story. I am glad you found this book too!

message 2: by Christine (new)

Christine Marialyce wrote: "So happy you liked this charming story. I am glad you found this book too!"


message 3: by Diane S ☔ (new)

Diane S ☔ I liked it too, but also wondered about the dramatics at the end. Terrific review, Christine.

message 4: by Christine (new)

Christine Thanks, Diane. Such a wonderful little gem.

message 5: by Holly (new)

Holly  B I'll have to read this. Great review Christine!

message 6: by Christine (new)

Christine Holly wrote: "I'll have to read this. Great review Christine!"

Thank you, Holly. It’s definitely worth a go.

message 7: by Mike (new)

Mike Happy to see that this was such a rewarding read for you, Christine. The reviews by our mutual friends certainly had me convinced as well about something I might have otherwise overlooked.

Loved your review!!

message 8: by Christine (new)

Christine Thanks, Mike. That’s the beauty of Goodreads—all our amazing discoveries thanks to our friends from all over the world,

message 9: by Nadia (new)

Nadia Wonderful review, Christine! This book caught me by surprise as well.

message 10: by Kat (new)

Kat Valentine Excellent review Christine!!😉💖

message 11: by Felicia (new)

Felicia Fabulous review, Christine 💖

message 12: by Carolyn (new)

Carolyn Lovely review Christine. Always nice when you discover something different now and again :)

message 13: by Louise (new)

Louise Wilson Terrific review, Christine!!

message 14: by Debbie (new)

Debbie Wonderful review! Definitely on my list!

message 15: by Angela M (new)

Angela M Great review, Christine.

message 16: by Christine (new)

Christine Thank you all my kind friends. I hope some of you get to read this one!

message 17: by Susanne (new)

Susanne  Strong Fantastic review Christine! So glad you read and liked this one!

message 18: by Christine (new)

Christine Susanne wrote: "Fantastic review Christine! So glad you read and liked this one!"

Thank you, Susanne! She has another one with great ratings that I hope to get to as well.

message 19: by Erin (new)

Erin Clemence Christine, I am happy you got the chance to read this one! It was really good and I'm glad you got the experience. :) GoodReads is such a great way to meet new books. :)

message 20: by Christine (new)

Christine Thanks for the kind words, Erin, and yes, you are so right!

message 21: by Jonetta (new)

Jonetta I’m really happy you decided to go ahead and read this one. Wonderful review, Christine💜

message 22: by Christine (last edited May 12, 2019 10:20AM) (new)

Christine Thanks, Jonetta, me too! It’s a real winner.

message 23: by Dan (new)

Dan Lutts You wrote a very nice review, Christine. Thanks.

message 24: by Christine (new)

Christine Thanks, Dan. I really appreciate your nice comments.

Kelly (and the Book Boar) Wonderful review. I'm so glad you enjoyed this Christine : )

message 26: by Christine (new)

Christine Thanks, Kelly!

Mary Beth *Traveling Sister* Awesome review, Chris! Everyone seems to love this book. I am really curious about this one. I am going to see if its on Overdrive.

message 28: by Christine (new)

Christine Thanks, MB. I loved it. Not 100% sure it’s in your wheelhouse, but I’m curious to what you would think.

message 29: by Chris (new)

Chris Sounds like a good one to maybe get my reading mojo back, Christine!

message 30: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Loved your review, Christine!! So glad you enjoyed it :)

message 31: by Jean (new)

Jean Sounds like a delightful change of pace!

message 32: by Christine (new)

Christine Thank you Chris, Michelle, and Jean. It is definitely a good one to mix in with the thrillers and historical fiction.

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