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message 1: by Canadian (last edited Jan 01, 2019 07:13AM) (new)

Canadian Good to see you found McTiernan’s second in the series worthwhile. The first seemed rather mediocre to me. I think she was trying to do too much. Also, for an experienced cop, Cormac seemed a bit too (unbelievably) dense regarding the true character of a friend he’d trained with. It sounds as though some of the problems with rather slow-witted police persist in this new offering . . .

message 2: by Roman Clodia (new)

Roman Clodia I haven't read the first one though there are lots of people talking about past events here. I don't think this ranks with more 'literary crime' like Tana French but it was just the sort of easy, engrossing read I needed after holiday festivities!

Oh yes, it's funny how many plots require supposedly brilliant cops to be rather slow on the uptake, isn't it? :)

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