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message 1: by Xia Xia (new)

Xia Xia Lake Enduring is the right word for it. Great review, AussieMum! Welcome to the other side, the world feels different here....

message 2: by Shile (new)

Shile Well, enduring is ok. Fab review Aussiemum.. This book is depraved on another level.

message 3: by AussieMum (new)

AussieMum Thanks. I've read some dark and depraved stuff before but it's always felt like I was watching it from a distance. Here it felt more personal, more like I was a part of the action. That's great writing but also seriously disturbing and a real mind-f**k.

message 4: by Lyn (new)

Lyn Another brave soul! I applaud you for enduring it.

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