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message 1: by Steve (new)

Steve Sarner Great review -thank you . Now get some sleep ;)

message 2: by Petra-X (new)

Petra-X Fantastic review. You saw things in the book that I missed. Thank you :-)

message 3: by Grumpus (new)

Grumpus This has been on my to-read list for a while, but based on your comments, I'm moving it up. Now that my girls are at college, I've been getting to bed earlier and moving up from 6 hours to 7.5 according to the Sleep Cycle app I use and recommend (free).

message 4: by Sharienne (new)

Sharienne Absolutely, I have had to change my sleep schedule and I know it has saved my life. I had a horrifying health scare that has left me disabled and convinced that we are doing so much damage to ourselves and each other.
I recall watching an interview of Bill Clinton a few years after he left the White House and the increasing combative politics was clearly a problem. Clinton said, "It's lack of sleep." The host (possibly David Letterman) burst out laughing because he thought it was a joke. The former president laid out his argument with data and examples yet the host and audience couldn't believe he was serious. They continued to laugh and finally Clinton just dropped it, unfortunately. He brought up the commuting times that increased significantly in the 90s and 2000s. (I lived out there then and no joke on commute times) as well as increased number of hours Congress was expected to be in their districts and in the Capitol building for votes. It was disappointing that Clinton dropped the subject because it might have helped us to realize the damages we are accumulating. The worst being the hazing of doctors with such sleep deprivation is also killing us. From terrible care from ER docs who have become abusers to Malpractice we are suffering from their brains being chronically sleep-deprived.
An observation from a survivor: yawning is not contagious. I actually use it to gage how much sleep my kids need
One simple yawn and I know who needs to be in bed. My husband (poor guy) is the worst offender. But, I also catch myself, too. I realize that I need to check my sleep therapy if I am yawning with the rest of them. So, no, you don't have to yawn when someone else does. If you do, go to bed. Nobody will want tired you back once they meet you as a rested person.

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