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ChevalierBayard I found it was pretty well explained : humanity is doomed and find in virtual reality the possibility to endure without actually perceiving the necessary sacrifices for survival. Better, thanks to the computers they can live in universes where almost everything is (fake but) possible (as far as it doesn't need more disk space than they can afford !). In order to evaluate this, they select two candidate/guinea pigs in a sort of reality show where all the rest of Humanity follows them and see how they get used to their new way of living.
Actually it is full of sex because our guinea pigs are in a place were every fantasies they can think of can be realized. I realize how pervert this might sound but actually I wasn't surprised at all that in such universe one of their main exploration areas is sex. I found this book really interesting in exploring cleverly and without taboo how we might deal with physical pleasure in a fully virtual environment, and how we could adapt to such a different way of life. A way which might actually be our future...

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