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message 1: by Stephen (new)

Stephen I, too, adore the HHGTTG. But only the first three books. There after, the quality and humor of Adams drops very quickly.

I somewhat suspect that the first three books are so good because of the editorial and rehursal attention they got before airing on BBC Radio. And naturally, for Radio, the pacing is tuned to the short one-liners and quick dialog.

'These ape-like decendents were so amazingly primitive that they still think digital watches are a pretty neat idea." -- That was back in 1980. Talk about nailing a fad. When's the last time you saw a digital watch on someone's wrist?

message 2: by Garnet (new)

Garnet I'm DYING to read those books!

message 3: by Madeleine (new)

Madeleine Garnet? you've got to get your hands on a copy.
they're about as awesome for some people as jon said, and i think you'll be of those who will love them.

message 4: by Trice (new)

Trice I've read all the books but my first exposure to the series was the radio program and I still think this is the best version. Reading the books became a revisiting of jokes, people, places, and Adams' wacky concepts mixed in with science, with just a bit more added here and there, and so I think they became more than their printed pages revealed...

message 5: by Josh (new)

Josh  Jones-Horrock I'd agree with your opinion on The Hitchhikers Guide. I am like you, where I could not get enough of every word that I read when reading the trilogy of Five. I didn't mind the last two books, although I did not care for the newest book: "And another Thing..." written by Eoin Colfer.

If anyone would like to read more, an... Interesting account of Douglas Adams's great trilogy is written about in the book: "The Universe Next door: A basic Worldview Catalog" written by James W. Sire... in the Nihilism section...

message 6: by Titus (new)

Titus Cervantes OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!I would kill to get copies of those books...i Have only read the fist one...

message 7: by Elle (new)

Elle White I'm going to give it a shot, thanks to this review. I'm interested in knowing where I'm going to land on this spectrum. Here's hoping I get bitten! Thanks!

message 8: by Elle (new)

Elle White Elle wrote: "I'm going to give it a shot, thanks to this review. I'm interested in knowing where I'm going to land on this spectrum. Here's hoping I get bitten! Thanks!"

Well, no bite-marks here, but I certainly didn't hate it. I'm glad to have read it since it's so important, but probably won't continue on with the series. Thanks for the great review that helped me pick it up!

message 9: by Mikael (new)

Mikael Thank you for a very intelligent angle on these books. Personally I think they are completely weird and boring, but your eloquence and passion made me see the other side, so to speak.

message 10: by Pete (new)

Pete Wyeth I just finished the first of these books and was really surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I laughed out loud countless times. I really thought the jokes were well thought out. I can't wait to read the next one.

message 11: by Declan (new)

Declan I've always thought of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy as a standalone novel, mind you I've only read the second and not the third. Nice review nonetheless.

message 12: by Dinara (new)

Dinara Bekmagambetova I feel exactly the same way about Hitchiker's Guide novels! And people who I recommended it too either start frantically swallowing all of the books, or can't go past the first one.

message 13: by Puneeth (new)

Puneeth While I like the book myself, I think I share your father's opinion that the book is about Douglas' personality. Yeah, the writing is irregular too, but that probably because he narrated the story before he wrote it, giving it that voice-over feel. The science/maths jokes!

message 14: by Tesalonica (new)

Tesalonica I started reading book 1 twice. I saw the high ratings and I thought I would enjoy, but I have just found it "silly" and very disconnected. The way he writes, it seems like he is throwing pieces of disconnected information. I still don't know who the characters are. I read 13% of the book and I really don't feel like reading it, I am not excited to read it.

message 15: by Glenn (new)

Glenn Mac Donald "Inspired lunacy" says it all! If you cannot appreciate that concept, you will not enjoy the book(s). For those of us who nearly loose control of our bodily functions while laughing as we read this series, it is hard to understand why others cannot even smile at it. I'm so very glad my mind was created to be attracted to this kind of humour. I think my life is better for it!

message 16: by finnegan (new)

finnegan Yes, they are pretty good.

message 17: by Paul A. Cuff (new)

Paul A. Cuff If you like the books, check out the BBC series. It covers the first three books. While it leaves out much of the detail, it is nevertheless hilarious. Adams himself even makes a couple of cameos (in one, you see his bare ass walking into the ocean). This is a great way to enjoy the things you could only visualize before. I prefer to the movie, which featured some of the stars that appeared in the series. Give it a try, you won't regret it.

message 18: by Purita (new)

Purita The Adams bug has truly infected me and it is the most satisfying feeling I have gotten from a book for a very, very long time. Diving into the other books now! Cheers for the wonderful review!

message 19: by Brandon (new)

Brandon Hafeli "Talk about nailing a fad. When's the last time you saw a digital watch on someone's wrist?"

Eight years later, I'm wearing one right now. It's also a pedometer and GPS.

message 20: by LQ (new)

LQ (to the max!) That’s funny. I’ve always compared Adams and sci-fi to Pratchett and fantasy. They complement each other. I just picked up the first four hitchhiker stories in a collected one book volume for a quarter. Sweet.

message 21: by Adrian (new)

Adrian Lawrence If a list of books were compulsory reads before you were allowed to leave school then this would be one on my list!

message 22: by Paul (new)

Paul Beardsley Nice review, but with one error, I think. The chess playing computer was called Deep Blue, whereas Deep Thought was, according to Adams, “a very obvious joke,” that is, a reference to a pornographic film which features an act that some people would find hard to swallow.

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