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Elyse Walters I really liked it -----------but I sooooooooooooooooo enjoyed reading your review. You have me thinking! I admire YOUR Process -- your really thinking about how this book was -or wasn't for you.
You wrote a FANTASTIC 2 star review.
Your review is a PERFECT example --of why 'star-rating's themselves mean little to me --
I love to read what readers think -- doesn't matter if I agree or not -- I love what YOU felt --what YOU thought about.

THANK YOU --for your time --writing this. It made a difference for me.

One part of the book that was very powerful for 'me' (and I'm 66 years old --married 40 next month) -- is Fia's journey --
The inner thoughts she had living with Peter -- are the type of thoughts I had when I was young --when I really couldn't find strength in my own voice yet. I remember years of feeling loss --suffering from not feeling as if I could be fully truthful --not wanting to hurt other good people -- but still needing to be truthful to myself.......
The way the author wrote that first section -- allowed me to look at my own growth --and look at what it took for me to arrive at where I am. HARD
THANK YOU again.........
I think you wrote the BEST review!!!

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