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message 1: by Gerhard (new)

Gerhard Fantastic review, can't wait to read this!

message 2: by Bradley (new)

Bradley :)

message 3: by Taylor (new)

Taylor Sharpe Great review. I agree with everything you've said about this book. Longtime PfH fan, and can't wait for the next in this series.

message 4: by Bradley (new)

Bradley Right? I'll be waiting in line. :)

message 5: by Derbenutzer (new)

Derbenutzer to hamilton sth.: (verb used with object, pronunciation: 'hæmɪltən'): to draw out unnecessarily or lengthen, especially in number of pages; extend the duration of; prolong.



message 6: by Bradley (new)

Bradley BEAUTIFUL. :) :)

And supremely appropriate, of course. :)

message 7: by Peter (new)

Peter Vogel You are overstepping the spoiler line a bit in your review. Suggest you edit it to not ruin the book for others.

message 8: by Bradley (new)

Bradley Sorry, mate!

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