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message 1: by Stewie (new)

Stewie I just finished the audiobook version of this series and enjoyed it.

Wen i see people saying that they hated a character but liked others, I always think that is a testament to the writer being able to infuse different characters with their own unique personalities. To me this is a good thing. we don't always get along with everyone in real life.

As for Eva and her antics. I think that these were typical of a teen/young adult.

Ultimately though we all read these types of books for entertainment and if these types of characters detract from your entertainment, who am I to say otherwise?

message 2: by Charlotte (new)

Charlotte May Ugh I hated Eva as well! Glad it wasn't just me!

❄️Nani❄️ @Stewie yeah, true enough. We may be reading the same things but we each get different things out of them.

❄️Nani❄️ @Charlotte YES! Thank you! I couldn’t stand her!

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