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Wayne Very likely, if the French had settled Australia, as they almost did by a Hair's Breath, they would have taken their rousing Laymen's Hymn to the streets, that stirring secular Perfect Combination of Words and Tune, and shamed their Rotten Government into Virtuous Action. I have been in Paris twice when this has happened; when, at night, the Marseillaise has resounded, echoed and stormed through the Rue St. Antoine, rattling my hotel's windows.
The People have spoken and the politicians have crumbled.
Not so the Aussies, the Caretakers of the Reef, Mother Nature's Coral Construction, supposedly Our Much Loved Living Barrier of Colourful Plants, Living Coral and Flashy Fishy Population. The Corrupt and Venal Outsider has offered HisTalent to Destroy and already the Reef is WHITE...DEAD !!! We'll CHEER for the indulged football team, but not Weep or Sing for an Ancient Masterpiece, once Our Pride now Once Has Died. Shame, For Shame,You Shallow People.

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