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message 1: by Elyse (new)

Elyse Walters great movie :)

message 2: by Dean (new)

Dean Right, Elyse...
I've seen it too.
And great novel also

message 3: by Joe (new)

Joe Valdez Terrific review, Dean. I recall the 1990s when John Grisham could scribble something on a napkin and it would be adapted into a $100 million grossing movie. Film industry interest in his work seems to have peaked some time ago, but I've never read any of his fiction, and my memories of the Sydney Pollack directed film have faded to the degree I think reading this novel now would be a treat.

message 4: by Dean (new)

Dean Thanks so much, Joe...
This is a very well written novel, with much potential of becoming a classic!!
I myself consider it a masterpiece by Grisham, nonetheless you are totally right--a genuine treat awaits you--
So, let me encourage you:
And have much fun..

Joe, for me it was heaven having reading it!!!

message 5: by Victoria (new)

Victoria Dean you took me back to reading this years ago, terrific, I wholeheartedly agree!

message 6: by Dean (new)

Dean Thanks very much Victoria...
John Grisham is a master storyteller, and I recommend this one with my full heart!!!

message 7: by Dawn Michelle (new)

Dawn Michelle This makes me want to reread this book SO MUCH!!! Maybe I will have to slip it in with all the "read what you own" books I am currently plowing through!!!

message 8: by Dean (new)

Dean Well, Dawn Michelle I would spent some thoughts and considerations on it....
A great summer reading and a fabulous thriller!!!
Dawn, I appreciated most reading about things and persons they aren't what they seem..
So if you want reading a intriguing and gripping novel--even for the second time--
Then don't hesitate at all...

message 9: by Elyse (new)

Elyse Walters Glad you loved it Dean...............'classic good- huh?' You're right --book -or movie (but yes --came from the book) -- this is a terrific thriller. New ones that have come out are hard to be better.

Hugs Dean!!

message 10: by Dean (new)

Dean Thanks so much, Elyse!!!
Agree with you...
classic good and the movie also wonderful..

message 11: by Dean (new)

Dean Elyse and Hughs back to you!!!!

message 12: by Dawn Michelle (new)

Dawn Michelle I read this when it first came out in the 90's and have reread it several times. It still strikes me as an amazing read.

message 13: by Dean (new)

Dean Dawn Michelle, the same by me here..
It was for me the right book to the right time!!
I loved it very much..
Happy to know that you love and enjoyed it..

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