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ALLEN Nice review, Anne! It sounds as though you, like me, are a recent (adult) product of American hospitals?

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Anni Thanks, ALLEN.
I am a British citizen, and luckily have rarely needed hospital care, but my husband has had a lot of experience of the NHS in recent years - some good, some appalling. It's got to the stage where we have to consider paying for private treatment, just to get seen quickly.

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ALLEN Under the diminution of Obamacare, which itself hadn't really been phased-in fully in all states, we have the illusion of equality -- thus far, it is not that hard to book an appointment, but "the carrier" (private insurers) or "the corporation" (private hospital mega-chains) essentially decide what treatment is feasible and what isn't. We seem to be paying a huge kind of 'handling fee' for the semantic privilege of saying that government doesn't determine our health care -- and indeed it doesn't it merely enables it. What's the difference in the last analysis?

And already, the number of specialists in my home region (Chicago, Illinois) is diminishing due to attrition. We haven't yet developed a full-fledged 'Harley Street' tier yet, to use an aged metaphor, but I suspect it's coming. (Should I have joined organized crime? They have their own doctors . . . )

My own review of this heartbreaking, funny book:

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