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LibraryFairy™ is it just me or does she kind of remind you of Kim Kardashian?

message 2: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Romero Yes! She does

shady boots | #WatchPOSE Nah, I don't see it lol.

message 4: by Clare (new)

Clare dooley I'm adding a comment, I didn't think this book looked that great & from what I'm reading it seems I was correct :( hopefully that will change soon because I have almost a sickness to finish a book even if it's terrible. You may not be afflicted by this, if that's the case consider yourself lucky. You should actually consider yourself lucky that it is not you who has to hear the myriad of reasons why I thought it was awful, poorly written, & usually has the audacity to consider having a sequel . There, I feel that that fulfills the "have talked at least once requirement" in the application to be approved as your friend on goodreads. I will simply be devastated if you decline my offer now. Keep turning those pages, charging that tablet & effin things up in the literary world

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