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message 1: by Jill (new)

Jill Hutchinson Ooops, not as good as I expected it would be. Thanks for the honest review, James.

message 2: by James (new)

James Hartley Jill, you might like it more than me - there´s lots in it. I just didn´t like the guy´s style - reminded me of that scene in Indiana Jones when he´s lecturing and the girl has "I love you" written on her eyelids. Haha. Maybe not as bad as that, but it had that vibe.
The actual parts on sleep/insomnia etc are quite good but nothing new or groundbreaking. I found the parts about sleep in the animal kingdom the most interesting - about how some animals, birds, for example, sleep by using half a brain at a time - some even switch about to keep guard on the others, changing the side of the brain they sleep with!

message 3: by Jules (new)

Jules As I suspected would be the case, I think I'll be giving this a miss, and continue with my insomnia as normal ;-) Didn't think it would have much to offer on that front. Well, not anything I don't already know. I think it would take a miracle to make me sleep through the night. Oh well, I'll keep holding out for that miracle to come along one day :-) Maybe, I'll give the bird technique a go, ha ha :-)

message 4: by James (new)

James Hartley Ha, though insomnia sounds awful Jules. Yep, there wasn´t a lot of stuff in there apart from the usual, as far as I could see. Maybe other people who´ve read it will put me straight, if I missed something. He was very anti-drugs and very pro ambience in the room and talked a lot about sleep strategies (don´t know how you´d call it) but all natural. Good luck with sleeping - hope someone reading this thread can help you out better than me.
Take care!

message 5: by George Miles (new)

George Miles Couldn't agree more, I started writing similar review but it disappeared so I'll settle for liking yours for now :)

message 6: by Sne (new)

Sne Not every popular science book is "popular science by numbers". Try Nick Lane https://www.goodreads.com/author/show... . He writes about the cells, it's popular science, because I understand it without being a microbiologist, but his books do not repeat the same facts again and again.

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