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message 1: by Kate (new)

Kate Sherrod Really, the whole Susan story kind of creeped me out. I could all but hear the author's heavy breathing when he wrote all those bits. I felt like I was watching his imaginary jailbait sexdoll up and dancing around. I almost got to liking her when she came to that rescue in that place but then no.

But yes. Rhea and Jonas and Alain and Cuthbert and BLAINE BLAINE THE CAPTATTACK TRAIN were why this got stars at all.

Apparently, though, dear EssJay, there are two people in the world who don't like love stories hijacking quests, and we are they.

message 2: by sj (new)

sj Yes, yes - creepy and BORING.

I didn't need to read about Susan riding Roland like a pony (and ew, seriously). All the bad guys might as well have been twirling their mustaches while they laughed their evil laughs. It was just bad. Badbadbad.

message 3: by Susie (new)

Susie I definitely do remember Alain being Alan/Allen before, so it is not just you. ^_^

message 4: by Kate (new)

Kate Sherrod I've been thinking about this some more, like I do, and found that what I really objected to about Susan wasn't her, herself, but the way King portrayed all of the other female characters, especially as regarded their relationships with her. As in Giant Bechdel fail. So Rhea hates her for being young and pretty and desirable, her Aunt Cord hates her for being young and pretty and desirable ("Miss Oh So Young And Pretty"), Cora seems to find her beneath contempt, and Olive just goes all whistful "Jolene, don't take my man". There is not even a hint of female friendship in this world (perhaps in any King world?), nor of females able to handle life without a MA-YAN! Seriously? If the Meijis really existed, the women who lived there would have to be TOUGH and self-reliant but able to rely on each other when the men failed them. Which always happens! Olive especially made me sick, hankering after her icky husband but not even willing to be caught by him in their bed; she exists only to be pitied, and then to sacrifice herself for MOSYAP. Bleah.

message 5: by M. (new)

M. Fenn Well, I do agree with you that Lance Henriksen would be great as Jonas. Since Lee Van Cleef is dead...

Otherwise, yeah, I liked the book. Not my favorite DT book, but I definitely liked it better than Song of Susannah. But then, I liked Wolves of Calla, so... ;)

message 6: by Jediraven (new)

Jediraven Agreed. It was awful. The one plus is that he killed off Susan Delgado. The bad part is he apparently thought we needed to know every detail leading up to her death.

message 7: by sj (new)

sj Yesssss! Every time I finish it, I think "Welp, at least she's dead!"

message 8: by Stephen (new)

Stephen Reed I have just finished 'Wizard and Glass' and have spent the past half hour reading reviews on the series (trying to avoid spoilers) and then searched for reviews on this book. I seriously hoped that there were others out there who just couldn't understand the popularity of this book, or more to the point, SUSAN DELGADO.

I love Blaine, Jake, Rhea, Jonus and especially Sheemie, but I don't think I have ever been so bored with a character, as I have been with Susan. I have even started to not like the name Susan, which doesn't help when my girlfriends Mother is called Susan.

I'm really hoping Roland does not have any more love interests for the rest of the series. Or if he does, they are killed off within 2 pages. It's not that I'm completely against romance, it's just that not once did I find myself slightly interested in this part of the story. I was more upset with the quick death of Jonus, than I was with the drawn out barbecue of Susan.

I'll carry on with this series, probably skip 'The Wind Through The Keyhole' and I am praying for more Blaine, Rhea, etc and no characters similar to whining Susan Delgado.

message 9: by Pamela Lawson (new)

Pamela Lawson I couldn't have worded it better myself. I almost quit reading it because I cared so little about the back story. I was okay with it at first, but I think it went on way too long. Like you said, I read the books because I'm enjoying the journey to the dark tower, and this book did not make any progress towards it.

message 10: by Luisa (new)

Luisa Oh, my God!!! I'm not alone!! I hate susan delgado so much I can think of a dozen ways for her to painfully die in that book. I really, really hate her.

message 11: by Lucy (new)

Lucy Bashforth Put it this way, it took me about a month to read the three previous books, so far its taken me about 2 years to get through this one. Its written like really bad chick lit. I don't really have a problem with the character of Susan, just the way she's written. I'm sure I'll get to the end hopefully. Fingers crossed.

message 12: by Lucy (new)

Lucy Bashforth And the following books will be better

message 13: by Matt (new)

Matt I'm just glad I'm not the only one who hated being ripped out of the quest to reach the tower for so long! Page wise and time wise, come to think of it... If King hadn't done such a good job making the four main characters interesting, maybe the flashback story wouldn't have felt so intrusive. Or, perhaps, he should have broken it up into segments throughout the book so it seemed less forced. I love this series, including the coda that so many hated, but this book took me the longest to finish for that very reason.
I would have rated this one star if it weren't for the first part of this book, and knowing how the series turns out, although I still feel that several of the villains were slighted in the last installments.

message 14: by Seinaruyoru (new)

Seinaruyoru Wow, I am so the opposite on some of these points. I didn't find Blaine particularly interesting. I was actually really disappointed after all the build up and foreshadowing. However, I have been waiting since I started reading Gunslinger a couple of months ago to learn more about Roland's world. In general I like how he built it, and to be honest I could have spent more time with young Roland, Cuthbert and Alain.
Could give or take Susan Delgado. I suppose it helped that I had no expectations of her to begin with. Steven King said he no longer understands romantic love. And I believe him, because I have yet to read a believable instance of couples falling in love in a single one of his novels. So, I didn't have high expectations of her, and everything with her went as expected. But I loved the world building. I loved learning about Roland's past and culture.
Maybe it will get better, but I just finished this book and Steven King has yet to get me to care about Eddie or Susannah....maybe the next book will get me there.

message 15: by Susan (new)

Susan I hear you. This is my fave book, but Susan is annoying as fuck. Also, her most interesting trait is that she has beautiful hair, which is kinda worrying character-building-wise.

message 16: by Al (new)

Al Culbertson I thought this was a great book, and puts into perspective why Roland's wants the dark tower so badly and who these people of his past were (Susan, Alain, and Cuthbert). The bar scene was freakin awesome. Cuthbert with his slingshot is the man!

message 17: by Charlotte (new)

Charlotte Graham OMG I hated Susan too! She was a mary sue character IMO. I just didn't really feel like they had a real connection beyond just being attracted to one another. I don't know. Call me cynical. I just don't think you meet the love of your life at 15.

message 18: by Amanda (new)

Amanda Spacaj-Gorham How much negative impact would it have on my enjoyment of book 5 if I just stopped reading right where I am in chapter 13? I can't stand anything about the Susan Delgado character and it's making me feel creepy about King's view of women already and there are still 24 chapters left in the book! I cannot believe the supposed naiveté of this woman. She doesn't fit into her world convincingly, which hurts my brain. WAY too much repetition in describing her beauty. It's like someone is cramming cheap, oily cake icing down my throat until I want to vomit. A tiny bit would be fine in context, but for the love of god, enough already!
So, if skipping the whole rest of the book would upset the apple cart for the rest of the series, Could I just pick up in chapter 33 and not loose continuity for book 5?

message 19: by Hyzenthlay (new)

Hyzenthlay Amanda wrote: "How much negative impact would it have on my enjoyment of book 5 if I just stopped reading right where I am in chapter 13? I can't stand anything about the Susan Delgado character and it's making m..."

There are a few things worth reading in this book, but none of them really have anything to do with Susan. The chapters with Roland's OG ka-tet and their relationship are worth your time, the Big Coffin Hunter stuff is worth it, a few things from this book become semi-important down the line.

I would suggest skimming til the end of Roland's sad tale and picking up there.

message 20: by Gua (new)

Gua Amanda wrote: "How much negative impact would it have on my enjoyment of book 5 if I just stopped reading right where I am in chapter 13? I can't stand anything about the Susan Delgado character and it's making m..."

Thank God, I thought I was the only one who felt that way about Susan Delgado. What was particularly annoying is that on the one hand, SK wants to make it sound like she's unspoiled and unaware of how fluffin' perfect she is, but then she always seems to be noticing how men react to her. ("Boys have been stubbing their toes around me since I grew my breasts"--puke). Just the way he constantly described her attributes made me want to do to the book what was done to Susan IN the book.

message 21: by Justin (new)

Justin love this review, pretty much mirrors my same opinion on this book

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