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message 1: by Brandy (new)

Brandy I get that vibe too!

Alexandra Elend Wolf That cover though

message 3: by Amelia (new)

 Amelia Brandy wrote: "I get that vibe too!"

I know right?

message 4: by Amelia (new)

 Amelia Alexandra Elend Wolf wrote: "That cover though"

yasssss it's so good I might cry

message 5: by Laetitia;) (new)

Laetitia;) Yes, I can see the Cleopatra vibes!!!

message 6: by Amelia (new)

 Amelia Laetitia wrote: "Yes, I can see the Cleopatra vibes!!!"

it's so elegant and I love all the green details *U*

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