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message 1: by Diane (new)

Diane Wallace Interesting n good review, Ivana!

Ivana - Diary of Difference @Diane, thank you!

message 3: by Nicola (new)

Nicola Lovely thoughtful review Ivana ! 😊

Ivana - Diary of Difference @Nicola, thank you very much! :)

message 5: by SNManley (new)

SNManley great review!! i love Adele

message 6: by SNManley (new)

SNManley but does this book have anything to do with Adele?

Ivana - Diary of Difference @SNManley - it doesn't have anything to do with the singer at all, but all the characters love her, and they are all trying to go to her concert, and at the end of each chapter there is an Adele's song that recaps the chapter so well.

As you are an Adele fan, I am sure you will love this book!

message 8: by SNManley (new)

SNManley @ivana thanks i LOVE her (do u like adele)

Ivana - Diary of Difference @SNManley - I like listening to her songs now and then, but I am not a HUGE HUGE fan.

message 10: by SNManley (new)

SNManley @ivana .A who do u like then?

Ivana - Diary of Difference @SNManley I am not in love with one particular singer, or group. I usually listen to all sorts of music, and any kind, mostly depending on my mood.

But one of my favourites are: Green Day, Coldplay, Pink, Foo Fighters, Beyonce.

Though, on my playlist you might also find 100 different people apart from these :)

message 12: by Crybaby (online) (new)

Crybaby (online) glad u enjoued the book

Ivana - Diary of Difference @Charlotte - thank you!

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