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message 1: by Guy (new)

Guy Portman Fair enough Jessica.

message 2: by jessica (new)

jessica thank you!!

message 3: by Dash fan (new)

Dash fan Ouch this sounds like a very raw & upsetting read. Definitely not one I could read. As soon as I see animal cruelty it's a no no.
Wonderfully honest review Jessica 💕

message 4: by jessica (new)

jessica thank you! i think from a historical standpoint, it was very interesting. but i struggled with the content more than i thought i would, which a shame.

message 5: by Dash fan (new)

Dash fan I can understand that. Sometimes things that are really difficult to read can also be interesting. X

message 6: by Allison (new)

Allison I 100% understand the struggle with the abhorrent cruelty in the book and why that would be a factor of aversion.

It's just such an amazing tale of triumph over oppression by finding love, protecting it, and embracing the natural YOU. Plus the writing is amazing (his language is good)

But yes... Some of the imagrey is graphic. Reminds me a lot of Black Beauty in that aspect.

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